MG Inc. is a professional company. The onsite staff is proactive, offers suggestions and does a great job. Their attention to detail far exceeds my expectations. They do what they say they are going to do, when they say they'll do it. They kept us informed all along in our project with regular meetings and messages. 

The management team is forthright, up-front, and completely open/transparent. The entire team has been a pleasure to work with.

- Kimberley Popoff



Very professional, and high quality work. We had MG build a 3 piece bathroom upstairs in our 1.5 story home in Waterdown, where there was previously only a linen closet and two bedroom closets. The design process was exceptional, and they handled changes on the fly very well.

- Shawn LaCourse

I have hired MG, worked with their clients and recommended them to my own clients for several years. Their work is conscientious and well-executed. Almost more importantly, they are a pleasure to work with and able to confidently handle the inevitable surprises that arise on a renovation project. MG has built and managed projects from small to large and their record-keeping shows their experience with the latter; they are excellent at keeping up to date paperwork. I recommend talking to MG Inc. when contemplating a construction project.

- Re:Placement Design



MG completely renovated my home from roof to basement. From the first drawing to the last cleanup MG was professional competent and timely. Everything was preplanned, documented and followed precisely. We had weekly meetings and progress reports and communication was always open and honest.

- LouAnn

Going with MG Inc. was the best renovation decision we have ever made. 

We moved into this 20-year-old home in 2012 and it needed a lot of work to update the interior, open the walls and lay new flooring. Right after moving in, we engaged the services of an unrelated kitchen renovation company and were a month into the project when we decided to expand the scope of work to the rest of the main floor living area - to remove two walls (with a recessed beam), reroute duct work and electric, lay new hardwood flooring etc. After already having struggles with the kitchen company, we got a reference from a friend for MG Inc. 

From the very minute MG Inc. arrived at our address, we wished we had gone with them for the kitchen too. These guys are professional from top to bottom. Our entire project was published on a private project website, where input, review, pictures etc. could be shared throughout. We had regular site meetings - sit-down meetings to discuss work-to-date, wish list items, changes etc., weekly invoice changes/updates etc and unlike the kitchen contract, not a single thing was done unless it was discussed and approved with a signature. 

We have recommended MG Inc. to everyone and we will be using them again for sure. Thanks to Neil, Marco, Kendall, Ali and the rest of the crew for a fantastic experience!

- Doug Findlay

When the time came to build an addition and re-work the floor plan of our small 1940's bungalow, we contacted a number of builders. After considering proposals, we chose MG Inc. for the project. From our first contacts with Kendall and Tony we felt we were in capable hands. The clarity and detailed structure of their proposal was an eye opener and big deciding factor. 

We approached the big day with some trepidation but from start to finish the MG Inc. crew and coordinators handled the whole project and delivered everything according to the design and the proposal. They were professional, friendly, honest and reassuring at all stages. I can't say enough about our weekly meetings to discuss progress and pin down all the details. Marco and Neil were helpful, accommodating and fair with any changes required. To our delight, the project was finished on-time and within the range of the original budget. 

Overall, the experience and results were beyond our expectation. Our home looks amazing. It was a real pleasure to work with MG Inc. and we do not hesitate to recommend them.

- Mario & Yanick Palmitesta