Going with MG Inc. was the best renovation decision we have ever made. 

We moved into this 20-year-old home in 2012 and it needed a lot of work to update the interior, open the walls and lay new flooring. Right after moving in, we engaged the services of an unrelated kitchen renovation company and were a month into the project when we decided to expand the scope of work to the rest of the main floor living area - to remove two walls (with a recessed beam), reroute duct work and electric, lay new hardwood flooring etc. After already having struggles with the kitchen company, we got a reference from a friend for MG Inc. 

From the very minute MG Inc. arrived at our address, we wished we had gone with them for the kitchen too. These guys are professional from top to bottom. Our entire project was published on a private project website, where input, review, pictures etc. could be shared throughout. We had regular site meetings - sit-down meetings to discuss work-to-date, wish list items, changes etc., weekly invoice changes/updates etc and unlike the kitchen contract, not a single thing was done unless it was discussed and approved with a signature. 

We have recommended MG Inc. to everyone and we will be using them again for sure. Thanks to Neil, Marco, Kendall, Ali and the rest of the crew for a fantastic experience!

- Doug Findlay